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    Ruisheng car custom high bright LCD screen is available in sizes: 10.1”, 10.4” 12.1” 13.3”, etc.
    Ruisheng high brightness LCD display with AUO, BOE, Mitsubishi original module.
    Equipped with LED side-entry backlight for uniform brightness.
    Product Feature
    Due to the small size and light weight, our product can fit any kind of occasion.
    We support automatic environment light, anti surge protection, leakage protection, overvoltage overload and waterproof function.
    The LED chips have the advantages of low power consumption and good color uniformity.
    Our product can encrypt the playing schedules and content with great safety performance.
    Product Description
    This on-board LCD display is made of extra quality material, and the surface of the digital signage is covered with high fluoroscopy. In addition, the high quality stereo speakers combines audio and video enjoyment shock together. Besides, the screen has light sensor which can adjust the brightness according to the surrounding.
    There is no doubt that the intelligent precision temperature control and ambient light system can carry out energy-saving heat maximization without affecting the display effect. And it can be widely used in vehicles, industrial control displays, electronic class cards, new energy charging piles, etc.
    Original Design, Stability Highlight
    Full size design
    New original package display module structure and installation method thereof
    High flexibility, excellent heat dissipation and convenient maintenance.
    LED Backlight And Local Dimming
    LED backlighting is both more energy efficient and provides a brighter image than traditional CCFL backlights;
    Due to the compact nature of LEDs and the modular structure of the patented design, the display is usually thinner;
    Ruisheng uses a dedicated system for LED backlights, which is not only more energy efficient than traditional CCFL backlights, it is also quite bright.
    Color Temperature And Quality
    Ensuring that the color and brightness of each picture match in a tile matrix can be time consuming and requires additional calibration hardware;
    Each UP Outdoor’s highlight screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 (6500K) CIE color standard;
    This not only produces a true, natural white, but the color of all screens will be uniform.
    Bright Highlight, Uniform Brightness, Color Saturation
    UP Outdoor’s advanced color management solution provides more detailed color management options, allowing users to fine-tune colors either automatically or manually;
    Side-entry lighting design, brightness 500–1500nits (optional), brightness uniformity can reach more than 90%;
    The color saturation is high, the picture is clear, and the picture quality is fine.
    Full HD Resolution
    With a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, Rui-sheng’s high-brightness LCD module can provide customers with ultra-sharp images.
    High resolution ensures that every detail can be presented to the viewer, so that the information can be fully conveyed, and this visual effect can make the viewer impressive.
    12.1″ Parameter
    Active Screen Size12.1Inches
    Display Area261.12*163.2MM
    Outline Dimension278*184*9.6MM
    Driver ElementA-Si TFT active matrix
    Display Colors16.7MColors
    Color Gamut72%
    Number of Pixels1280*800Pixel
    Pixel ArrangementRGB vertical stripe
    Pixel Pitch0.068*0.204MM
    Display ModeNormally Black
    Surface TreatmentHaze 2%, 3H
    Working temperature0–60
    Backlit life50000HrChina Industrial High Brightness LCD Display

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