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    The fiberglass tube is made of resin as the matrix, with continuous glass fiber and its fabric as reinforcing material, which is controlled by the computer to control the winding process or the extrusion process.
    The fiberglass tube is suitable for the protection of electric power and communication cables in various environments.Especially in the cable through traffic to crossing and cable across the river, the bridge, such as used under special circumstances, can fully reflect the construction is simple, more higher intensity is superior performance, are widely used in electricity, telecommunications, transportation, civil aviation airport, and other areas of the infrastructure construction.
    Raw materials
    1.Reinforcement material:fiberglass, glass mat, continuous strand mat, surfacing mat, needled mat.
    2.Basis material:unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinylester resin.
    JN -196 Ortho Resin
    JN -196 is ortho type unsaturated polyester resin with medium viscosity and high reactivity. Good mechanical properties, high heat resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for manufacturing high-quality grille products.
    Pultruded profiles advantages
    2.Anti aging
    3.Anti-fire & waterproof
    4.Light weight & high strength
    5.Good dimension stability.
    6.Non conductive and non magnetic
    7.Long service life & less maintenance cost.
    8.Easy to install.
    FRP pultruded tube application
    1.Electric plants
    ( cable tray,radome,insulation ladder,etc)
    2.Chemical plants
    (grating floor, handrail, working platform, undergrand pression pipe, stairs,etc.)
    3.Building construction
    (oversize bridge protection closed system,movable house structure,working platform,window frame, window sash and its components,etc.)
    4.Foundation engineering
    (freeway antiglare shield and its handrail,lamp post,water treatment,bracket for huge industry cooling tower,etc.)Frp Profiles

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