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    waterproof polyester shoe covers
    We are the manufacturer of the waterproof polyester shoe covers Shenzhen,We have been in the Shoe covers 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents,we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

    Product category: shoe cover.
    Export: yes
    Brand: Lideming
    Item no: H – 005
    Export: yes
    Origin: Shenzhen, China.
    Packing quantity: 100
    Color: red
    Special point: this product is made of polyester +PVC glue, which is easy to carry, easy to carry, easy to clean, clean water, can be used for a long time, not disposable products, beautiful and graceful. It is mainly used for dustproof mud, waterproof and reusable. It can be used to protect the shoe body in wet and dirty clothes.
    And is suitable for the ancient buildings, research institutes, medical units, hotel and family protection area and to prevent the pollution on the ground, and the product is beautiful fashion, easy to carry, solve the traditional overshoes, both awkward problem is not easy to carry, and make up for the shortcoming of the disposable shoe covers not wear-resisting, durable
    Question 1: are disposable PE shoe covers good or waterproof polyester shoe covers good?
    Answer: waterproof polyester shoe covers are good. I have not used a low-carbon eco-friendly material and have elastic bands and fabrics, which also can be used repeatedly. What I used is a plastic material. I was wearing during a class, I didn’t make more moving. But after class, it was broken and it was a bad one. Although not completely bad, it can no longer be used.
    Question 2:I went to see the house with my friends on last Saturday. It was a new building, but we all required to wear waterproof polyester shoe covers when we went into the house. What is the reason?
    Real estate usually prepare some waterproof polyester shoe covers, printed with their own company’s LOGO, so that people who looking at the houses can wear it conveniently. Mostly, because the house is just repaired, if we wear shoes directly into room, then we will bring some of the dust from our sole. Otherwise, there are a lot of customers in the sample room every day, put on waterproof polyester shoe covers house will be clean a lot, and cleaning work is natural don need so hard-working.
    The second is that some houses are wooden houses. We wear waterproof polyester shoe covers to avoid getting flowers on the floor. The shoe cover of the real estate’s sample house, most is to adopt waterproof polyester shoe covers .Compared with disposable plastic shoe covers, waterproof polyester shoe covers are wear-resistant, wear-resistant, and more environmentally friendly. They can also be used repeatedly and machine-washable.
    The cost of using a large number of shoes for a long period of time is also greatly reduced, so it has also been welcomed by a large number of real estate companies.wholesale Shoe Covers

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